Axminster Tools, Evolution Smock

The design of this woodturner’s smock has evolved from years of workshop experience and listening to the tutors in the Axminster Skill Centre. The main aim was to produce a comfortable and practical overall for wearing all day long in the workshop.

Grey in colour and made from hard wearing cotton twill, this smock has a full length front zip with a closure kept in place with velcro-style tabs. The high collar has a velcro-style fastening to keep the shavings out and a second tab to keep it open if some ventilation is needed. The short sleeves mean there are no loose bits of material near the moving workpiece. Velcro-style tabs on the sleeves allow you to adjust the fit on the upper arm. There is a small breast pocket to keep your pencil handy and two pockets at the rear, where they won’t fill with shavings and sawdust.

Both practical and comfortable, this smock comes in three sizes: medium, large and extra large and is priced at £44.95. (The price includes vat and may be subject to change without notice.) 

Thanks to Axminster Tools and Machinery for the news.