Trend, Weatherseal and Milling Cutters

Let’s get to know it.

The 8mm Shank Guided Weatherseal Cutters
Two fluted cutters with bearings mounted on the shank with 8mm shank diameter to allow use in smaller medium duty routers.  The bearing guides the tool to ensure a consistent depth of cut and creates a stepped groove to suit weatherseal.
The two-fluted Tungsten Carbide Tipped (TCT) tool will give a clean finish in timber and longer life. Cutters are available to suit  the Aquamac 63 and Aquatex A10 window seals and Aquamac 21 and Aquatex P6 door seals.

The 50.8mm diameter Tenon Cutter
The large 50.8mm diameter cutter with a cut length of 20 mm is four-fluted and ideal for routing tenons with a clean finish on the shoulder. The tool is Tungsten Carbide Tipped (TCT) for use on timber and abrasive man-made boards and has four cutting edges – two down-shear blades for the shoulder and two up-shear, for the face of the tenon. The cutter deal for tenoning or where a large area needs to be recessed or surfaced and is especially good for an improved finish on interlocking grain.

Trend’s Head of Marketing, Luke Hulley adds, “The 8mm shank weatherseal router cutters are ideal for users who have a smaller medium duty router, and complement the Trend weatherseal recessing range of router cutters and weatherseals.”

The new cutters are available from Trend Routing Centres.

Aquamac 63 Recesser Cutter  (Product Ref. 34/55X8MMTC) is priced at £59.95 +VAT
Aquamac 21 Recesser Cutter (Product Ref. £34/56X8MMTC) is priced at £64.95 + VAT
Tenon Cutter (Product Ref. 37/12X1/2TC) is priced at £79.95 + VAT