If you like the music and timber, but what happens when you put the two together? Well, the result is unique pieces of furniture that incorporate elements such as accordion bellows that make a sound when the drawer to the chest is closed – ingenious! We spoke to Norman Mackay of Woodeye Furniture to find out more. A Scottish accordionist, composer and furniture maker, his work really does need to be seen to be believed.

Peter Harrison’s lovely ring box with wooden hinge

Generally speaking, the different project reflect different skill levels, from Peter harrison began to show that we learn that how to use offcuts can create this lovely ring box hinge with wood, it is certainly a good test processing technology. And a great one for beginners, Ross Mielke shares a fun, cheap project that is ideal for your loved one or anyone who loves baths; founder of Instructables.com Eric J. Wilhelm shares his sophisticated nautilus bookshelf build, which will hopefully go on to inspire many of you to try similar ideas and techniques; in Around the House Phil Davy has a perfect project for the autumn months – a firewood box, which ensures that your woodburning stove will always be ready for action. And lastly, in turning, Les Thorne gets artistic as he turns a curly top box with some added decorative details, including a lovely ebony finial, which finishes it off perfectly.

In his beginners’ guide to power tools series, Peter Bishop moves on to looking at the extensive range of drills, borers and bits available to the woodworker

In terms of technical articles, Peter Bishop brings us the next part of his beginners’ guide to power tools series, which sees him delving into the rather broad subject of drills, borers and bits. If you are not sure what kind of tool is you’d better go to buy, and the extensive guide will tell you all you need to know, or even more! we also have the next of Dennis Keeling’s series of articles on CNC routing, which sees him taking you through the steps for making a laminated jewellery box using this clever device.

Ed of Winter Garlands using the Wood-Mizer to machine some big pieces of beech

Christmas comes early for Edward Hopkins as he discovers a gem of a timber yard in Devon in ‘People and Places’, and off on yet another jolly, Andy King ventures to Frankfurt to attend the Bosch Blue Innovation Summit 2016 where he learns about a whole range of new tools and technologies that will soon be taking the woodworking world by storm, and our ‘Centrefold’ this month is Ian Parker’s ‘K desk’, which, despite having a deceptively simple design, features tapered legs with hand-cut mortise & tenon joints, all at differing angles.

As Andy King discovered, the waterstones are placed in the holders and rested on the lip of the Veritas Stone Pond for support

We have a wide range of test, no matter what you want to buy in this month, we have already covered. Andy kicks off by looking at a mortising gem – the Charnwood W316 mortiser – which is a great hobby-rated machine that is solidly built using heavy cast-iron, doesn’t take up much space and performs well. And if you’re in the market for some new abrasives for your orbital sander, then the Bosch M480 net abrasives and Bosch backing pad are definitely worth looking at. Andy found that they work in perfect harmony with the other, producing increased efficiency and dust control. But if sharpen more is your thing, then the Veritas stone pond may be just what you want, or if you are fast, clean cutting platform bit more interested in, then the Trend after flat drill bit set will fit.