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A Simple Sharpening Cart

A Simple Sharpening Cart

Everyone has a point of view, convinced that the subjects they choose are the best. When I advocate the use of sandpaper on the tempering of granite, I also believe that almost every mill system is effective. Whether you are using an anecdote,…


How to draw an Inlay Pattern in SketchUp


When I painted the SketchUp model Kevin Rodel’s printing and digital art and Crafts-Inspired bed plan, I found that most of the bed was very simple. The head and feet of the poppy mosaic plate provide a small challenge. It is not difficult…


Matt Wajda’s Shop Resolutions

Shop Resolutions

Very talented carpenter told me that I was a lifelong student and teacher. I shop-life decided to start living in 2017. I teach part-time at the North Bennett Street School, and I also teach a part of the Furniture Design Certificate of the…