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Give You 10 Tips & Tricks On Refinishing Your Furniture

If you have furniture that needs new life, actually refinishing is a great option to give it a new look. From painting to changing hardware as knobs and handles, there are a wide range of techniques to change up the look. The most…


5 Tips For Recognizing High Quality – Sustainable Furniture

It’s generally tempting to buy cheaper products to save a few dollars, however there’s no question that investing in high quality is a smarter choice, particularly speaking of furniture. “High-quality, sustainably-built furniture doesn’t break or wear out under normal use, whereas even under…


Tell You How To Add A Bathroom

Add A Bathroom

The number of bathrooms in a home can actually make or break the home’s overall functionality for its inhabitants. However before you put your house on the market to look for a new one with that extra bathroom you’ve been dreaming of, you…


Furniture Tips For Holiday Decorating

Furniture Tips For Holiday Decorating

From my point of view, decorating for the holidays is an exciting and creative process. These days, plenty of people are choosing to break from the traditional styles and colors of the season and are choosing metallics to add glamour to their holiday…