Everyone has a point of view, convinced that the subjects they choose are the best. When I advocate the use of sandpaper on the tempering of granite, I also believe that almost every mill system is effective. Whether you are using an anecdote, oil grindstone, diamond fine whetstone, sandpaper, disk drive, or grinding wheel, they can make chisel and iron scalpel-sharp-with practice.

A Simple Sharpening CartThe important aspects of a good sharpening system are simplicity, familiarity, and availability.

An overly complex sharpening regimen that requires multiple setups or complex jigs can lead to frustration and offers too many chances to wreck an edge rather than enhance it. Keeping the process simple is the best way to achieve a quick, keen edge.

Familiar with any process is essential and the only way to become comfortable is to practice with practice. Practice hone, and then more practice. Like any discipline, you can not understand and perform good grinding, just buy “right” equipment and read or watch YouTube videos. Learn that takes time to practice specifically for you and your system. When i want some quiet time to spend on my store and do not want to start making a project when i raise something. Sharpening is a very easy task that requires enough concentration to be lost in the process of time. Sharpening can be meditated and productive, getting sustained.

One of the best things I’ve done for my sharpening system is to make it mobile. When I had a big shop, it seemed I was always far away from my sharpening station. So I would push a slightly dull edge until it was truly dull—with the resulting catastrophes that a bad edge can cause—before I’d take the long walk across the shop to my sharpening equipment. To cut down on the mileage and maintain my edge, I bought a three-drawer roll-around tool cabinet for $60 and turned it into a mobile sharpening system. I can hear it now: “You’re a woodworker and you BOUGHT a cabinet?” Yes, for less than the price of a good set of casters and three sets of drawer guides I bought a very serviceable solution, but I DID add a white ash and cherry top for holding my granite blocks!

A Simple Sharpening Cart

I have four stones on the cabinet, so it allows me to have eight different grits at hand (both sides of the stones have abrasive paper attached). The stones are the size of a full sheet of sandpaper (9 in. by 11 in.) for adequate room to use my honing guide or flatten and polish chisel or blade backs. The drawers hold all my sharpening jigs, camellia oil, sandpaper, adhesive, and other necessities. I also keep all of my card scrapers, cabinet scrapers, and the equipment needed to keep them sharp in the cabinet.

I move the cabinet to where I’m working and my tools stay sharper. When I have all my sharpening stuff at arm’s reach, I find that I am frequently honing and refining edges. I don’t have to interrupt my work process to put that sharp edge back on a chisel or plane blade.

A Simple Sharpening Cart

If your sharpening system consists of just a couple of stones and a jug of water, having a dedicated space that can be close at hand will result in better sharpening habits. And the drawers will be useful for storing bench hooks, shooting boards, and all the little tidbits that always seem to be in the way on the bench.

For those interested in sandpaper on granite (or glass), this is how i use my system. The sandpaper is glued to granite with 3 # 77 glue. Application of adhesive sandpaper, in granite, with camellia oil as a lubricant on paper sharpening. Camellia seed oil is a vegetable oil that will not lead to the completion of the problem, will not rust the tool to help keep the sandpaper clean and cut for a long time. When the paper is finally worn, pull up a corner and soften the exposed layer with a hair dryer. Just a few seconds to delete the table. Clean the gums of the granite with naphtha or acetone, put the fresh paper on the stone. Replacement takes less than a minute. I use 3 m or m paper card but any high quality paper will work well. I always use the honing guide. It makes my thing in the same corner grind sharp, square, fast (slightly practice).

A Simple Sharpening Cart