If you often cross the short stock pen blank, pin, small model, etc. This little sleigh from Rockler can help you determine the clean, 90 ° cut safer. The aluminum base rail is riding on the chute of the table saw, making sure the sled is perpendicular to the leaves in the whole cut without any play. Run it on the melamine-coated MDF base of the sleigh through which you see the location of the incision. Rear, clear blade adjustable for most desktop saws.

Rockler Table Saw Small Parts Sled

The lack of support for the sleigh characteristics of the sleigh, which reduces the chance of small pieces between the blade and the throat plate, through the complete or descent. A side of a small plastic ramp has a descending section away from the blade. Part of the aluminum T-track sled on the fence can be easily installed with a limit device (not included). The short T-track benchmark provides an attachment point clamp (not included).

This sleigh is suitable for desktop saws – x 3/4 to 3/8. Chute The chute and blade spacing must be at least 2 – 1/2. or more.

Lock the metal stop with the star knob is sleigh, fit in a chute. It can be used to stop the sled when the leaves pass through the fence behind.