Poufman Furniture Is Perfect For GamersAnyone and everyone who has ever picked up a video game has most likely played Pac-man at one point in their lives. And the imagery is undeniably iconic. So one Italian company decided to take those images and turn them into usable furniture.

Poufman furniture is a recreation of good ol’ Pac-mans shape as a comfy seat, with a square pellet working as an ottoman. It also fits perfectly within the “mouth” of the seat, so it’s easy to put aside when you need space.

These would be a perfect gift for the gamer in your life, but anyone can really appreciate an awesome set of furniture like this. 80s babies will appreciate it and anyone who loves a good dose of pop culture in their home.  Luckly, Poufman furniture can be found at a plethora of stores both brick and mortar and online, so you’ll have a great selection of prices and colors.