If Julia Pisani and Ingrid Winn could make a decision to where the town should spend some of its money this coming year, they’d put it into the Eastern Greenwich Civic Center in Old Greenwich.

If Dawn Papalian were given a choice, she’d put more money into Greenwich Skate Park.

And Vincent DiMarco would be fond of seeing more money going toward improving Pemberwick’s sidewalks, park access and storm water system.

Pet Projects Fight For $5 Million

The four residents, accompanying with about 40 others, filled the Cone Room in Town Hall to voice their support for their pet projects during a public hearing held Thursday before the Capital Improvement Program Projects Committee.

At stake is an estimated $5 million in new expenditures for the 2016-17 fiscal year. The committee already is considering $300,000 for work on a northwest fire station, $500,000 for the Greenwich Emergency Medical Service headquarters, $520,000 for design work on renovations for the Greenwich Civic Center in Old Greenwich and $250,000 to increase sidewalks in Pemberwick Park.

More importantly, members of the public got their last chance to speak out Thursday before the 2016-17 municipal budget is formally unveiled. First Selectman Peter Tesei will present his proposed budget to the Board of Estimate and Taxation on Feb. 1.