Home Watering Holes

Setting up an in-house bar can take home entertaining to the next level. A lot of people perhaps keep their liquor behind kitchen cabinet doors next to the spices or cereal boxes however there are several options counting on the size of a home, available space and what function the bar will serve.

Lori Roybal, co-owner of Pamela D. Earnest Interiors Inc., said some people request an actual bar with seating space when others probably convert a small space into an area with shelves for liquor and other accessories. She said a actually popular feature right now are wine rooms that are always temperature controlled and have lots of space for wine.

“With a lot of the new construction, they are doing built-in bars,” she said. “They have fancy lighting and mirrors and lots of texture. They are a focal point of the room.”

One of her current clients, she said, is putting in three bars. There will be full bars, she said, both on the first and second floor of the home as well as a smaller storage area.

Moses Zabec, owner of the Moses Design Group, said before deciding on the type of bar that’s right for the home people should evaluate their needs. Most bars he does, he said, are set up in the area of the home used for family gatherings or the game room. A popular choice right now, he said, is installing a small wine refrigerator and counter top with shelves and cabinets for the liquor and glassware.

Home Watering Holes

“What is the function of the bar?” he said. “What do I want it to do?”

He said making sure there is a hard surface to make drinks and slice up things like limes is also important. Also, he said nice glassware and lighting will aid set the right tone.

“Consider your space constraints,” he said. “You might consider converting a closet.”

Zabec said owners with smaller homes or apartments may consider a mini-bar. People, he said, can get creative with this option.

It can be something hugely simple like a serving tray on a shelf or counter top or a small end-table with shelves. Also, Butler trays are a good option for small spaces. They are lightweight and easy to move around. For those looking for a portable option, a bar cart may serve that purpose. Some places such as World Market has all these options ranging from about $30 to several hundred dollars.

Home Watering Holes

Repurposed furniture like a bookshelf or even an old dresser could be turned into a small bar. For those wanting something bigger or more formal, there are wooden cabinets made especially for storing wine and liquor. American Home has some options that include rustic looking wooden shelves around $1,000.