You can following this step to finish your table.

I made this as to safe space in my backyard. When folded it can be used as a bench which doesn’t need a lot of space. It can easily be converted to a picnic table. I found some examples with a similar design and adapted those to my needs.

This is my first project and I worked on it for about 2 weeks.

Step 1: The table top

step 1
the table tops that I found in other designs were simply boards placed next to each other. I made the tabletop by making grooves at the end of the boards and for the end boards a groove in the side. During the gluing spacers were put in between the boards.

Step 2: The bench

step 2
The bench exists of 3 parts. A part with fixed seats, a part with the table top and a part with movable seats.

I wanted flat pieces so I used a router to make slots. These slots were half the thickness of the pieces and connect in each other.

I first mounted the fixed seat and measured the length for the movable seat.

The table top was mounted on the part by using plugs.

Arm rests are added later below the table top to keep it level when the table is folded out.

Step 3: Finish

To finish the it and give it a nice shine I used 3 coats of boat varnish.

Because it was my first build I didn’t document every step as well as I wanted.