Decorate Master Bedrooms

Master bedrooms are not just spaces where we go to slumber. They are relaxing havens where we are able to examine the day’s events and retreat into a meditative and inquisitive state. Do you want your b­edroom to be a Zen-like sanctuary filled with soothing neutral tones or a French provincial bonbon?

Make it the bedroom of your dreams with a sleep-inducing bed, adequate storage, and good lighting. Include family photographs, a TV, a sound system, a desk — whatever makes you content.

Follow the experts’ counsel: Expand a tight room with light colors and filmy curtains, and cozy up a big room with warm tones and patterns. For the sake of making the most of every foot of space, station bigger pieces of furniture parallel or perpendicular to the walls.

Decorate Master Bedrooms

No matter whether you choose funky mismatched nightstands or the pair that came in your bedroom suite, be sure they are as high as the top of the mattress. You don’t want to have to fumble in the dark for the phone or your alarm clock.

Boost a boring nightstand set by including a quirky flea-market find such as an old chest to hold extra blankets.

A miniature muslin bag stuffed with rosemary or lavender will prevent mustiness and keep a chest, drawer, or linen closet smelling fresh. Attractive, quality linens will make certain a heavenly rest.