Hanging Chairs

It is generally recognized that HANGING out on the patio has become a whole lot more stylish as homeowners dabble with suspended chairs.

Gone are the days when outdoor furniture was just green and plastic, currently it’s about natural fibres and the relaxed, escapist vibe, Uniqwa Furniture director Charl van Heerden says.

Hanging Chairs

“I think there is a move to natural material in outdoor furniture, particularly when it comes to hanging chairs,” he says. “This type of furniture has taken a big turn around from when it was very functional and was all about being non-perishable and synthetic, now we’re really exploring other options like timber and natural fibres.” In view of your outdoor space the feeling of a retreat is another reason many people are beginning to hop on the swinging chair trend, installing suspended pod-shaped, egg-shaped and bench seats.

“On the Gold Coast, we have a relaxed style, which has a lot to do with our geography, and when it comes to a hanging chair, people see it as a place to escape for a bit, have some chill-out time and feel like they’re tucked away, a million miles from the world,” Charl says.

Hanging Chairs

Vivienne’s Interior Design founder Vivienne Earea says hanging chairs can also be used to make outdoor spaces appear less cluttered.

“One of the big things now is having things off the floor, first we had wall-hung vanities in bathrooms and now we’ve got the swinging chairs outdoors that give the same sort of illusion,” she says. “It’s also easier to clean underneath and having a suspended chair gives a space a more open feeling.

Hanging Chairs

“The swinging action is also a bit of fun.”

Ensure your chair is attached to a strong supportive beam and preferably bolted in.

Numerous people used just a hook, but “if they fall out you’ll be in big strife,” Vivienne says.

“I’d suggest to drill a hole and use a bolt configuration, because the last thing you want is for one of your guests to fall out.”




1. Don’t put your chair somewhere that is already cluttered
2. Do try putting a hanging chair inside if you have something stable to hang it from
3. Experiment with placement outdoors in the garden or in the patio
4. Experiment with colour. Don’t be afraid to chose a bold-coloured chair or pair something neutral with a bright cushion
5. Don’t hang your chair to a beam that cannot support much weight
6. Drill through the beam and use a bolt, rather than a hook