Between rain, sleet, hail and wind, your outdoor furniture can take a beating. If you’re in the market for a new set, home guru Tom Garcia shares some tips to help you get your outdoor furniture to last and weather the elements.


Tom Garcia:

This morning we are at Casual Furniture in Winston Salem. I love outdoor living space and it all begins with the furniture.  The materials used in the furniture is what gives it longevity.  In this case, we have a beautiful outdoor sectional. The thing to look for is the grade of the fabric on the sofa.  Use fabrics that are designed to not fade or otherwise deteriorate. Sunbrella is a local manufacturer that is the best in the business.

And that, Wicker is a wonderful look but it is affected by the weather.  It can crack and otherwise require maintenance.  However, there are now many materials that mimic the look of wicker without the problems.  This chair looks very much like wicker but it is actually a material that is not affected  by the sunlight and rain.  Look for these materials when you purchase your outdoor oasis.

Teak wood has been used for decades in the marine industry. However currently, teak is available in your back yard.  Look at this wonderful teak chair and table.  It is simply beautiful.  Teak is a long lasting wood but it does require maintenance.  Over seven months or so, it will turn grey.  Nevertheless, if you are willing to coat the material in teak oil, you are able to keep it looking new for many years. Also, you can use a polymer material. It looks like wood but it really is designed to not fade or otherwise crack   It will stay looking new for 20 years or more.