Probably, the city have miles to go to usher in the New Year like it’s done in say , for instance, Sydney Harbour and Las Vegas, however that hasn’t deter Kolkata from attracting a host of foreigners while the year-end festivities. And they are not here to just enjoy the lights and sounds of Kolkata. They’re here on a mission -to set the dance floor on fire and make lure revellers to party spots.

Sydney Harbour

Dancers from Turkey , Russia, Africa, Caribbean Islands and far-off places have reached Kolkata in hordes. They have been flown in to perform on the New Year’s Eve, be it at pubs, clubs, hotels or private parties. One among these girls is Tatiana, who has flown down from Turkey . “My country of origin is Turkey . I have been performing in various parts of India, mostly in Mumbai and Goa, but this will be my first performance in Kolkata,” she said.

Nevertheless what brings her here to spend the New Year ‘s Eve performing when her family is based in another country? “I am a professional dancer and clearly it’s a lucrative package. I travel frequently during this festive season. I specialize in belly dancing. On Thursday , I will be performing six item numbers as a single performer,” Tatiana said. At Princeton Club, the guests will experience Russian belly dancing by Tuba.

New Year's Eve

Aman Chopra, partner of The Party People that has been hosting Elitify -one of the city’s niche private parties -at PC Chandra Gardens, said, “Foreign dancers are flown into the city by event management groups. They serve as eye-candies. The concept of chandelier girl, champagne girl and Cinderella girl is gradually emerging even in the party circuit in Kolkata. A Cinderella girl stands at the entrance of the venue and welcomes the guests while a champagne girl is dressed like a champagne bottle and serves the drinks. They are theme-based entertainers and only foreigners are selected for these services.”

In accordance with Chopra, many girls reach Kolkata in October to cash in on the entire festive season and they stay here till Valentine’s day . “The dancers who perform on item songs charge anything between Rs 30,000 to Rs 1lakh for the New Year’s Eve.”

The remuneration counts on the season as it goes up during the festivity . It can range anywhere between Rs 50,000 to Rs 1 lakh. ” At Wet-O-Wild in Nicco Park, there will be dancers from Russia, Germany and the UK. One is a belly dancer, one is a fire juggler and one person will sing popular Hollywood numbers. Two among them will be performing the first time in Kolkata,” Prateek D Sharma, one of the organisers of the event, said.

New Year's Eve

And at the Wild West Africa party to be hosted at the Ojas Banquets, performers from Zambia and Bahrein are lined up to perform. Pede Josef from Zambia will be the showstopper in the fashion show. “Iba, also from Zambia, and Raul from Bahrein will do zumba,” said Vinay Sethia, proprietor of Stun the Sun.

“We are in Kolkata and the core committee of the event had selected us from the portfolio provided to them. We were in Delhi for a show and have just flown down to the city for our Thursday night’s performance,” said Pede Joseph. The party will be held in association with the government of Zambia.