When I painted the SketchUp model Kevin Rodel’s printing and digital art and Crafts-Inspired bed plan, I found that most of the bed was very simple. The head and feet of the poppy mosaic plate provide a small challenge. It is not difficult if you are designing but I have to let my painting match be provided by the author of the dimension. With the dimension someone gave me a pencil sketch. If the sketches are accurate to say, I might follow them. Kevin attracts them to meet his needs, so they work for him but are not suitable for tracking in SketchUp.

Connect the video I will show you how I draw the center part of the curve and then I will put the poppy. Later in the process of creating the plan, I got a picture of a poppy so I wiped it again by tracking it by tracking this picture. Lucky is my original opium poppy component, so it is a simple alternative to using the new geometry and the change is the whole propagation model.

I made some layouts before bending the center part of the video, the tempering process would be more continuous. I admit it makes the painting space a little messy. In practice, I generally do not lie very much in the tour guide when I started painting.

Most of the drawing lines I use the Bessel Spline Classic Bessel Curve tool to extend Sketchucation available for extended storage.