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The way of Cut and Join Copper Pipe

cutting copper pipe

Not every house is built the same, therefore, any piping installed in your home will have to be customized to fit. This means that cutting and fitting copper piping will be a necessary skill to know. Read on to learn more about how…


Ronto Choose Designers For Models At Seaglass & Bonita Bay

Ronto Group

What calls for speciall attention is that the Ronto Group announced it has selected three award-winning design firms to create the interiors of the model residences that will be presented at Seaglass at Bonita Bay, a 26-floor, 120-unit high-rise tower to be built…


Roman Plumbing Was Highly Overrated

Roman Plumbing Was Highly Overrated

The Romans probably have been one of the first civilizations to have indoor plumbing, however it seems that claims to their effectiveness have been incredibly exaggerated. A recent paper published in Parasitology indicates that, regardless of helping prevent disease, members of the Roman…