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Lifescapes Completes Landscape Design of Robinsons Galleria

Cebu Island, Philippines-Lifescapes International announces the completion of the landscape design of Robinson Plaza, a multi-million dollar, six-storey, 4095506 square foot shopping destination located on General Avenue of Maxilom in Cebu City, Philippines. The related projects were designed by Land Corp.) And Asya…


A Project Design: Make Two Clamp Racks from a Sheet of Plywood

Make Two Clamp Racks from a Sheet of Plywood

These compact but capacious racks will keep your clamps orderly, and You need a 4 x 8 pieces of plywood to synthesize them. Each consists of four deep channels for storing rows of pipe, bar or quick-grip clamps over angled braces. Their back…


An Interview with the Mid-century Furniture Dealers Lionel Obadia

Let’s see the interview with Lionel Obadia, a Mid-century Furniture Dealers. Business partners Lionel Obadia and David Mimouni. All photographs courtesy of Design Market. What inspired you to create Design Market and what makes it different from other sites? I have always been interested in interior…


Weatherseal Recess Cutters and Large Diameter Tenon Milling Router Cutter

Let’s get to know it. The 8mm Shank Guided Weatherseal Cutters Two fluted cutters with bearings mounted on the shank with 8mm shank diameter to allow use in smaller medium duty routers.  The bearing guides the tool to ensure a consistent depth of…


Five Years Of Great Garden Ideas

Five Years Of Great Garden Ideas

It is said — by whom, actually I don’t know, however let’s not get bogged down in details — that great things come in fives. And if you don’t want to take my word for it, consider: • Five fingers for the average…


Give You Tips To Choose The Right Outdoor Furniture

Choose The Right Outdoor Furniture

Between rain, sleet, hail and wind, your outdoor furniture can take a beating. If you’re in the market for a new set, home guru Tom Garcia shares some tips to help you get your outdoor furniture to last and weather the elements.  …


Kelly Rowland Assists To Bring Outdoor Spaces To The Boys & Girls Club

Kelly Rowland Assists To Bring Outdoor Spaces To The Boys & Girls Club

Last Monday (March 21) at the Boys and Girls Club in New York City. That same day, the 35-year-old singer stopped by Huffington Post and AOL for interviews as well. Currently, Kelly is working with Claritin and the Boys and Girls Club to…


Landscaping Company Latest Target In String Of Thefts

President Felipe Carstens

A landscaping company considers it has video of the thieves who stole $30,000 worth of equipment. AAA Landscape said thieves cut the phone lines, which is what the alarm works on, and busted open a door to their storage area Tuesday night. They…


Landscape Design Is A Trend Because Of Saving Water

Landscape Design

Landscape design has taken a turn from lush gardens and fountains to structured minimalist designs using native plants to give a hand to conserve water. In a new survey from the American Society of Landscape Architects, saving water was the biggest trend across…


Let’s Get Planting – Gardening In Almonte

Let’s Get Planting - Gardening In Almonte

It is now time to plant most of the seeds that I usually start early indoors. The first step is to pre-moisten the growing mix – the one I am using is about two-thirds peat moss thus it takes a bit of effort…