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Why Your Cat Scratches All Your Furniture

If there’s one thing all cat parents are able to commiserate about together, it’s their scratch-covered furniture. Or how their previously straight table legs are currently curved due to years of abuse. Nevertheless, depending on Dr. Tony Buffington, a veterinarian and “cat guru,”…


A look At Pet Projects In The State Budget

A look At Pet Projects In The State Budget

The state’s new $82.3 billion budget, approved by lawmakers, isn’t all about the big expenses of government, like education, health care, law enforcement and transportation. Throughout the record spending plan are hundreds of local and agency projects that some lawmakers argued will aid…


Pet Projects For Dubai Vet Hospital Owner

Pet Projects

It goes without saying that Dr Sara Elliott is the owner of British Veterinary Hospital in Dubai, with 36 staff dealing with more than 60 animal-related cases per day at the premises on Al Wasl Road. After spending the majority of her childhood…


Annual ‘Pet Project’ For Artists Has Been Announced

Annual 'Pet Project' For Artists Has Been Announced

What calls for special attention is that Boonton Arts invites members of the public to participate in its annual “Dog Days of Summer” arts and fundraising project. Participants will be supplied with sponsor-donated fiberglass dog statues, which they should transform into works of…


Pet Projects Fight For $5 Million

Pet Projects Fight For $5 Million

If Julia Pisani and Ingrid Winn could make a decision to where the town should spend some of its money this coming year, they’d put it into the Eastern Greenwich Civic Center in Old Greenwich. If Dawn Papalian were given a choice, she’d…


Pet Projects – Meet the WeCARe Pooches

Bugaloo, Bichon frise/poodle

Sherri Stankewitz is the founder of West Coast Animal Rescue (WeCARe) in Long Beach. Sherri is the goddess of lost causes speaking of dogs. She picks up animals that are ignored, maimed, abused and abandoned and rehabilitates them. Also, she pulls dogs from…