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With The Guru Of Tidiness To Clean House

Clean House

It was a Saturday while I threw half my stuff away. My inspiration? A book called “The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up,” written by the “guru of tidiness” Mari Kondo. My relationship with my dorm room was strained. When others saw a boring…


Furniture Organizing Tips For Maximize Space

Family Room

Walking into a room, it’s easy to see when the room feels and looks right. You also can tell when it works well for the occupants. That’s because a well-arranged room takes advantage of both the furniture and the room, making the best…


Give You Tips To Organizing Christmas Decorating

Organizing Christmas Decorating

Q: We are shopping for a media unit for our family room. Should this furniture cover most of a wall, or remain a small unit? Is it better to have the television inside the unit, or should we have a smaller unit with…