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Kindel Furniture Company Finds Growth In Grand Rapids

Celebrating 115 years of hand-crafted excellence, high-end furniture company Kindel was celebrating the exact principles that founder Charles Kindel began with for the company in 1901 – β€œan enduring heritage of craftsmanship, scholarship, and authenticity.” Under the ownership of the Fisher family, who…


Kindel Furniture Needs Competitor in Fact

Kindel Furniture

It has to be noticed that Kindel Furniture Co. of Grand Rapids announced it has acquired the intellectual property of Councill Co. LLC, a residential and office furniture maker based in Denton, N.C. The purchase contians all case goods and a “vast majority’…


Share With You The Important Information Of Kindel Furniture

Kindel Furniture

Rob Burch, CEO of Kindel Furniture,spoke about their furniture and commitment to building everything in Grand Rapids . What calls for special attention is that since 1901 the Kindel Furniture Company has preserved an enduring heritage of craftsmanship, scholarship and authenticity. From inception,…