UJK Technology workbenches

These two new workbenches,  one takes Parf Dogs and the other Twist Dogs, they are both have many features but still in common.

The bench frames are made from high quality birch plywood, chosen for its strength and stability. The outer frame is 18mm thick with a phenolic face and an inner box construction out of 12mm birch ply. This ensures that the top remains perfectly flat at all times. There is storage in the centre of the frame for dogs and other accessories. Cut-outs in the frame enable it to fit onto the Brennenstuhl trestles, forming a strong and steady workbench. The front and rear aprons have plenty of Twist Dog holes for aligning workpieces vertically and cut-outs offer accessibility for clamps.

The worktop for both benches is 18mm thick Valchromat; moisture resistant and engineered for added strength, it won’t warp and affect the accuracy of your work. The choice is between the holes in the tops. One features plain 20mm holes for Parf dogs. The other takes lockable Twist dogs or Parf dogs. All are CNC machined for the greatest accuracy, aligned lengthways and widthwise with rows perfectly square to each other and forming a grid of 11 holes by 7. These dog holes allow you to use Parf Dogs to make perfect right angle or mitre cuts with a track saw. Alternatively, guide rail clamps can be inserted in the holes for surface clamping making an excellent assembly table.

The Brennenstuhl trestles are made from strong 25mm square steel tube. They fold almost flat saving space, when not in use, making transportation easy. These are vertically adjustable and the splayed legs make a very stable workbench.

The bench with Twist Dogs comes with one pair of these dogs. The Twist Dog’s unique feature is a pin through the spigot. This pin securely locks the Twist Dog into the specially drilled Twist Dog holes in the front and on the top of the workbench. Made from hard acetate plastic (the same material as shatterproof chisel handles), these dogs will not damage cutting edges in the case of accidental contact. Twist Dogs use the alignment of the workbench’s holes to set up fences, guide rails or workpieces.

The bench with Parf Dogs also includes a pair of UJK Technology Twist Dogs, an invaluable feature when aligning the workpiece vertically on this bench.

The bench with Twist Dogs is priced at £299.95 and with Parf Dogs at £269.95. A blank Valchromat worktop is yet another option available. The frame and tops can be purchased separately for those wanting to make a permanent workshop bench.

There is also the option to purchase a blank worktop for £79.96.

Thanks to Axminster Tools and Machinery for the news.

For more details, see the Axminster Tools Website