Antique Furniture: The Hitchcock ChairYou’ve probably seen a Hitchcock chair at some point in your life and never even realized what it was called. It’s a true classic when it comes to antique furniture. You probably had one in your house growing up, or may still have one now. The Hitchcock chair doesn’t take it’s name from the awesome director of the same, but of it’s creator, Lambert Hitchcock. In the 1800s, he was able to put his biggest plan yet into action; creating it through an assembly line, not by hand.

Because it’s such a basic pattern and standard issue parts, it’s very easy to replicate. Of course, a true piece of antique furniture will show it’s wear and tear. Also, the earliest versions of these chairs had proofs of authenticity marked on them, so you know you have the real deal if you see the company named stenciled on it. It could be worth a hefty sum!