Angela Harper

“It’s a small world” – this was one of my dad’s little sayings while I was growing up. I always thought this was funny however since catching the ‘upcycling furniture‘ bug, I’ve started looking at things in a different way.

During hunting for bargains at our local car boot sale one Sunday morning, a piece of graffiti caught my eye. The day before had been Bristol Volksfest, and the farm buildings were covered in amazing artwork that had been created during the festival. The piece I spotted said: “It’s a small world – let’s paint it!” Which I consider is a much better saying. I got in contact with the artist ‘Baggz’ and found out that he has also just set up an upcycling business Blame The Bassett – I told you it’s catching.

Angela Harper

It does become a bit of an obsession. I’m a terrible guest to have round at your house. I’ll covet your furniture and imagine what colour I’d paint it if I could get my hands on it.

My mother-in-law has some beautiful pieces that I fantasise about painting every time we visit, but I don’t think I’ve quite won her round to the idea of painting furniture yet. My mum has caught the bug though and gradually I’m turning her house into a gallery, it’s like a little shrine to Annie Sloan. Until now I’ve painted cupboards, picture frames, tables, a dresser, chest of drawers, the fireplace, the woodwork and even the floorboards. And I’ve used more than ten different colours – she is incredibly colourful too.

Annie Sloan