Modern furniture repaired require inspiration to decorate your house. Lots of people don’t know where to start when decorating their own home. Such as the shelves .Here are three steps to make a stylist shelves. Before you begin there are some  rules you need to know.
1.Have a clear consistent color palette.
2. Edit out what you don’t need or like.

Start with your books — maybe it’s only a few books (like this), or a library full of dusty old novels. Stack them both vertically and horizontally, and pepper the colors around evenly for a more collected yet pulled together look. In other words — don’t throw all your darker books in one corner3 steps to make a stylist shelves and your lighter books in another UNLESS you are doing that color coding thing, which is more for a proper bookshelf, less for a collection of pieces like this.

Add art. Not all shelving can house art but if it can, DO IT. Incorporating art into your shelves does some really good things: It adds personality, obviously, as art is one of those purchases that we make based on what we like, not based on function. It draws your eye to the back of the shelf, thus making it look deeper and bigger and creating a sense of layering. It takes up a lot of visual real estate that is otherwise hard to fill with smaller objects.

Mix it up. This is where you add all your pretty things — your objects, sculptures, vessels, collections and even lighting. Mix up the textures, sizes, styles and tones but stay within that color palette so it doesn’t look like a thrift store.