I really wish I could fix my bathroom, but as a landlord, doing a full bowel reconstruction from scratch, is not a possibility. However, lighting is definitely something I can upgrade without changing the existing fixtures. So I came up with a plan to change the hue to make my own DIY drum shadows from the wood embroidery hoop and flexible cut mat!

Step 1: Watch this video to see all the steps in detail

Step 2: Materials needed

Materials needed

Step 3: Switch to LED bulbs

Switch to LED bulbs

The first thing I did was replace the incandescent lamp with an Energy Star certified LED bulb. I finally chose the shape of the long candle light bulb shape design. Although I do not have a fixture for this fixture, I still controllable to buy a light bulb, so if I install a dimmer in the future, I will still be able to use the same light bulb.


Step 4: Making the rings for the shade

Making the rings for the shade

Making the rings for the shadeMaking the rings for the shade





I made the rings with 4” wooden embroidery hoops (7), 3/4” and 2” wide iron-on edging (birch). I glued the inner hoops of the embroidery rings together using wood glue to make 2 stacks of 2 hoops and 1 stack of 3 hoops. Then I attached iron-on wood edging to the outside of the rings and I sanded the edges and the inside of the rings.


Step 5: Stain the rings

Stain the rings

Stain the rings

I chose to finish the rings with a grey wood stain from Plaid, giving a couple of coats. I let that dry for a couple of hours and then sealed in the finish with white wax, wiping off the excess wax with a clean, lint-free rag.


Step 6: Drill holes for hanging

Drill holes for hanging

The last thing to do with the rings was to drill 3 holes with a 1/8” drill bit, equally spaced out, at the top of the wider rings. I marked the spacing of the holes on a piece of masking tape to transfer onto the rings to make things easier. The holes are for the screws that will attach the shade to the existing fixture.


Step 7: Cutting the chopping mats

Cutting the chopping mats

My sunglasses flexibly cut mats. Because I use led lights, they do not give so much heat so there is no use of this material problem.

I cut the cut half of the level horizontally and cut it around so that about 1/2 “longer than the circumference of the inside of the ring. Then I added the tape to the Mark’s loop and added a clear double-sided adhesive tape (3 m 468 mp) And where the bottom and middle ring will go.


Step 8: Form the shade and place middle and bottom ring

Form the shade and place middle and bottom ring

I removed the liner from the double sided tape at the seam and formed the shade, then I removed the liner for the middle ring and slid it in place, repeated the same thing for the bottom ring.


Step 9: Place top ring and drill holes

Place top ring and drill holes

Since the top ring will secure the machine screws, there is no need to use double-sided tape. Bring the ring with ample shadows, and dill the hole to cut the mat. Then screw the machine screws (I used #4 1 1/4” long screws).

Step 10: Attach the shades to the fixture

Attach the shades to the fixture

I love the way the new shades turned out and the new ENERGY STAR certified LED light bulbs are perfect to light up my bathroom.

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