Most recently I was looking at wall mounted TV frames ideas with the hope of combining art and electronics all in one tidy package.   It was interesting to see what developments have occurred over the last few years.   Even though electronics have gotten larger and more affordable, a lot of people still want something that blends rather than dominates a wall.  That is why we tackled this topic in today’s article.  For people looking for a softer more delicate approach, these ten ideas may be just what you are seeking.   They range from gilded gold examples to modern and bold colors like red.  Nonetheless, they are fun to look at and consider as possibilities regardless of your design style.

red television frame mounted on a wall

I love this bold red example here.  It really stands out on the darker wall and is just fun.  I can see other colors in children’s rooms as well.   I do have to wonder if the human eye may be distracted over time seeing this.   If any of the readers have experience here, please join in on the conversation.

modern home study design using green

This tidy silver example goes well with the metallic furniture shown in the desk and bookcase.  It’s a thin narrow strip which meshes well with the minimal legs of the furnishings.  The green is really bold here and speaks of contemporary design.

Television above wood storage credenza

I think my grandmother would have loved this model.  It’s a neutral and traditional brown stained wood which goes with all kinds of furnishings.  I am not sure that Yoda would be on her television, but who knows.

mirrored wall storage in steel chromeThis is a great idea that is so different than the first few presented examples.   It’s more of a storage unit with mirrored backing that can display items of interest.

TV installed in relief space on wall

This traditional suggestion has more of a relief as it comes off the wall.  When I think about televisions that curve something that has more depth may be in order to conceal it properly.  This color stained wood can blend in about any home and any set of colors.  It has a very universal appeal.

gold picture frame and TV in room

Think about how many English cottage or country homes may have art over a fireplace.  Here we see that same motif utilized featuring a gold frame and tastefully sized piece.

work out room with wood flooring

I first considered this to not be a frame, but a conversation with my editors showed me differently.  The concept is simple and elegant and looks great with the light stained wood floors.

silver frame for concealing a television

In the above picture a silver outline is created by the picture tube.  I once had a mirror in a bathroom that had a silver frame and loved it.  It surprised me how well the color worked making it a fresh and clean look.

electronics installed above fireplace

The small wooden clock says it all here as we look to a more traditional and older style piece above.  Again the choice was to install above the fireplace which in many homes is the central focal point of a living room.

wall mounted TV Frame idea in ivory

It’s a light ivory model here that is very subtle and creates a great outline anchoring the electronics just above a small wood shelf.  Imagine if this were on an accent wall featuring a bold color.  That would greatly change the appearance in this room of the house.