Chris Cooper�s 'Manuell-Coates' cabinet
Chris Cooper’s ‘Manuell-Coates’ cabinet
Finn James� �Brompton� coffee table Freya Whamond�s 'Bud' chair
Finn James’ ‘Brompton’ coffee table Freya Whamond’s ‘Bud’ chair

Every year Celebration of Craftsmanship & Design, which this year takes place from 19-28 August, offers up to three of the year’s brightest young fine furniture designer-makers the opportunity to exhibit their entry alongside the best in the business at their prestigious exhibition in Cheltenham. Over the award’s six-year history this has resulted in several sales that have boosted fledgling careers while also allowing winners to gain valuable experience and contacts within their chosen industry.

This year’s winners, Christopher Cooper, Freya Whamond and Finn James, are every bit as impressive as those that have gone before them, while also having the added accolade that they have been placed at the front of the largest ever number of applicants that the award has attracted. They do great credit to their respective tutors at Rowden Atelier Woodworking School, Rycotewood Furniture Centre and Williams and Cleal Furniture School.

“The judges were particularly impressed this year by three very different pieces,” says award judge and director of Celebration of Craftsmanship & Design, Jason Heap. “We felt that each, in their own way, showed good ambition, offered interest both visually and in their construction, indicated a good understanding of the materials used and demonstrated accomplished workmanship.”

The Alan Peters Award for Excellence is a competition designed to commemorate Alan Peters OBE, an internationally respected designer-maker who dedicated his life to the furniture industry in the workshop, through writing and also by teaching. The award continues Peters’ legacy by encouraging and supporting the next generation of furniture designer-makers at the start of their new careers.

Celebration of Craftsmanship & Design Exhibition

Celebration of Craftsmanship and Design is an annual selling exhibition that hosts many of the finest furniture designer-makers and studio workshops in the British Isles alongside selected artisans from other disciplines such as jewellery and art.

Housed in the beautiful neoclassical setting of Cheltenham College’s Thirlestaine Long Gallery, a stunning array of around 300 unique, contemporary, meticulously crafted exhibits await your delectation.  There is no better place in which to discover an exquisite addition to your home or to discover a skilled craftsman to create that special piece that you would never otherwise find.

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