Martyn Lawrence Bullard On Decorating The Kardashian’s Homes

Do you know how to recreate the look in your own home.

1. Your design philosophy is that ‘spaces should reflect personality, humour, fantasy and especially comfort.’ How do you balance the public personas of the Kardashians with the women you have gotten to know?
“The girls are super fun loving spirits who are very family oriented. Both their lives revolve around their families and close friends that enter into the selective group. They love to entertain, both each other and the family and hold social events. They are also very generous and kind to others which reflects in the way they use their homes and entertain. Comfort was the key ingredient to both homes, whilst creating inviting spaces that show both their individual styles was vital to the final looks. The spaces really do reflect each ones individual style and personify their personalities.”

2. Given their private lives are so accessible to the public via their television show and social media, how did you go about creating some privacy, comfort and solitude at home?
“As the public areas of the homes are used also as filming sets, the private rooms such as master bedrooms and bathrooms are especially luxuriously appointed, as these spaces become the girls sanctuaries. I also created very chic and super comfortable private screening rooms for both of them where they get to totally relax away from the craziness of ‘life on camera’.”

3. What are some aspects that you used to balance sophistication with family friendliness in the case of Kourtney’s home?
“In Kourt’s home I used a lot of outdoor fabrics on indoor furnishings. The new fabrics are so soft and ‘indoor ‘ feeling, but hold up to the rigours of a busy family life.”

4. How did you become friends with the Kardashian family, and go on to design their homes?
“I became friends with the Kardashian family through a mutual friend whose homes I had decorated in both Bel Air and Mexico. The family frequented the Casa Aramara estate I had designed frequently and loved the style and attention to detail. Slowly over the years we became closer friends and last year both Kourtney and Khloé approached me at the family Christmas Eve party to help them with their new homes and most recently I have started work on redoing Kris Jenner’s home too!”

Martyn Lawrence Bullard On Decorating The Kardashian’s Homes

5. Can you describe Khloé and Kourtney’s different styles and how you worked with them to hone those styles and create them in their homes?
“The girls have very individual tastes, but both have in common a love of luxurious, comfortable and family friendly interiors. Both girls have had very different homes previously, and this time round they wanted more sophisticated interiors and investment pieces that include fine art and important collectors items. Kourtney embraced a simpler mid century vibe, with modern lines and scarce but luxurious rooms. Having me collect for her important mid century furniture and artworks by Richard Serra, Ellsworth Kelly and Roy Lichtenstein, cool photography by modern masters and edgy pieces by young contemporary artists mixed with Liagre soft furnishings and deep, custom made sofas. Khloé wanted a more exotic and romantic environment, mixing Mediterranean vibes with touches of Moroccan influence and modern streamlined soft furnishings. Depth and comfort being a vital ingredient to all sofas and club chairs and vast closet and glam room making for the perfect backdrop to launch her own shows and career moves.”

6. Kourtney has said she’s ‘afraid of colour,’ how did you introduce bright pops of colour to her home in a way that both her and her children liked?
“Kourtney used so much colour in her old home she now hates to use too much colour.  I of course adore colour, so we came to the balance of a neutral palette of greys and beiges, off whites and slate blues then made statements with art pieces, like the Brigitte Riley and the Lichtenstein in the dining room. This gives character and life to the house, adds some vibrancy to the kids eyes and still allows Kourt to feel like her home is relatively a smooth, soft palette.”

7. How much input into the design processes did the sisters have? Were they quite prescriptive or willing to let you guide them?
“The girls are both very hands on. I took them shopping with me to art galleries and antique stores they would come sit on sofas we were making to test out the softness and depth, they would work with me on custom designs and fabrics. They have both inherited from their mum a love of design and a passion for both interiors and the idea of home as a sanctuary.”

8. What are some small things you can do in your own home to add a similar sense of glamour and sophistication that feature in these homes?
“Something that is prevalent in both girls homes is the use of solid colour on furnishings. Khloé loves white and we used a lot of solid white fabrics to cover her sofas with. Kourtney loves beiges and creams, so I used this mostly for her living room and family room soft furnishings. This allows us to add personally and vibrancy via pillows and throws. If you choose plain colours for your major soft furnishing pieces it allows you to keep freaking the vibe of your spaces, like the girls will show fur pillows and cashmere throws in the winter months, which we change out for more vibrant patterns in linens and glazed cotton in the summer months. A trick now the whole family has adopted.”

9. What are some of Khloé and Kourtney’s favourite brands, designers or artists in relation to their furnishings inside the home?
“Khloé really like her things to be one-off, custom made pieces, so I tend to be the vendor for her, making her furnishings and even custom printing her fabrics.  She does have some fun Kelly Wearstler accessories along with Baccarat and Hermès pieces , Fendi furs, Schumacher fabrics and Ann Sacks tiles. Kourtney loves Pierre Jeanneret, Jean Prouvé and Serge Mouille furniture and lighting. She loves soft fabrics and ultra suede has worked well to provide comfort and practicality for the kids. She likes to mix vintage accessories and currently has a passion for collecting photography from the Fahey Klien gallery in LA.”

Martyn Lawrence Bullard On Decorating The Kardashian’s Homes

10. Were there any features or furnishings that they just had to have, that informed the rest of the spaces for each woman?
“For Khloé, she wanted romance and glamour in her home. The rented living room was a must have look for her that she fell in love with when I showed her. There’s a huge vintage Syrian mirror that she is crazy about in there too. Kourtney wanted to define her collections, and wanted at once to collect Jeanneret, which we have been doing ever since, from auctions and dealers worldwide. The glass Alison Berger stools in her kitchen were also a must-have purchase and the first thing we actually purchased together for the home.”