Landscape Design

Landscape design has taken a turn from lush gardens and fountains to structured minimalist designs using native plants to give a hand to conserve water.

In a new survey from the American Society of Landscape Architects, saving water was the biggest trend across landscape designers’ clients’ conerns. Of 803 surveyed, 88% of landscape designers said graywater or rainwater systems are top requests, followed by native plants and adaptive drought tolerant plants.

Landscape Design

None of these trends is new to 2016—or even 2015, or 2014—whereas Nancy Somerville, ASLA’s CEO, says this year’s survey solidifies project types like rainwater harvesting as more permanent fixtures in landscape design.

save water

“Every part of the country is dealing with water issues whether it’s too much or too little,” she says. “It does reflect a much greater awareness from the population as a whole, about critical issues like water conservation and energy efficiency, as well as water efficiency, and stormwater issues.”