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An Interview with the Mid-century Furniture Dealers Lionel Obadia

Let’s see the interview with Lionel Obadia, a Mid-century Furniture Dealers. Business partners Lionel Obadia and David Mimouni. All photographs courtesy of Design Market. What inspired you to create Design Market and what makes it different from other sites? I have always been interested in interior…


Weatherseal Recess Cutters and Large Diameter Tenon Milling Router Cutter

Let’s get to know it. The 8mm Shank Guided Weatherseal Cutters Two fluted cutters with bearings mounted on the shank with 8mm shank diameter to allow use in smaller medium duty routers.  The bearing guides the tool to ensure a consistent depth of…


‘Cabin Fever’ Aids Spawn Expansive Decks & Patios Off Carmel Home

‘Cabin Fever’ Aids Spawn Expansive Decks & Patios Off Carmel Home

Knowing what you don’t want to end up with can be a perfectly fine place to start. While rebuilding the Carmel home she’d lived in for more than a decade, Diane Franich knew she wanted something as far removed from the original design…


Rebuild In Potrero Hill Defines Modern Living

Potrero Hill Defines Modern Living

Probably Colm Brennan’s modesty lead a person to believe building in San Francisco is not that complicated. The head of Stronghold Construction doesn’t lament the city’s notoriously strict permitting laws and deflects credit when congratulated on a project’s success. However you can sense…