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Now Home Watering Holes Becoming More Popular

Home Watering Holes

Setting up an in-house bar can take home entertaining to the next level. A lot of people perhaps keep their liquor behind kitchen cabinet doors next to the spices or cereal boxes however there are several options counting on the size of a…


IDF Oman Design Will Be Held From 15 – 17 February, 2016

Furniture Expo

The third IDF Oman – Interior Design, Décor and Furniture Exhibition will be held from 15 – 17 February, 2016. And taking place at the Oman International Exhibition Centre in Seeb,which is organized by Al Nimr Expo and under the patronage of the…


The Special Old-Fashioned Music Box

It goes withot saying the fact that this hand-cranked music www.nurrawatches.commaking machine taps out a short tune on a xylophone.


Tell You How To Build An Entertainment Wall Unit

Entertainment Wall Unit

The stereo is on the bookcase, the television is on the floor. There’s a lot of space along the walls, hence putting an entertainment unit against a wall would be a good idea. It’s not tough to build an entertainment unit. Learn here…


10 Super Cool Wall Mounted TV Frames Ideas

10 Super Cool Wall Mounted TV Frames Ideas

Most recently I was looking at wall mounted TV frames ideas with the hope of combining art and electronics all in one tidy package.   It was interesting to see what developments have occurred over the last few years.   Even though electronics have gotten…


Plants That Bloom in Fall

Plants That Bloom in Fall

Keep the color going in your fall garden with a combination of summer- and late-blooming annuals and perennials.Of coure,you will be attracted by it.


Poufman Furniture Is Perfect For Gamers

Poufman Furniture Is Perfect For Gamers

Anyone and everyone who has ever picked up a video game has most likely played Pac-man at one point in their lives. And the imagery is undeniably iconic. So one Italian company decided to take those images and turn them into usable furniture.…