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The most classical Furniture: French Heritage

Suffren Chest

Draw inspiration from the ancient history, French heritage crafts luxuriant furniture USES the European craftsmen use of technology in more than 200 years ago. When you see these works, you will find that the completion of rich and delicate manual sculpture is truly…


3 Top quality West Elm Dining Table for family

Modern Expandable Dining Table

  Modern Expandable Dining Table   Inspired by the Scandinavian modernism, our modern dining table matching a smooth body and beautiful legs. Its extensible design means that whenever the company phone have more space. Care should be taken when placing hot items directly…


Best furniture recommended: councill bedroom furniture

Councill Furniture

In 1973, Fred and Hope Councill established in north Carolina Denton Councill, inherent beauty forever believe that high quality furniture. We insist on our art and craft of fine American furniture manufacturing. Incorporates timeless tradition, design and time Councill will provide you with…


Hate Furniture Shopping? Actually Here’s An All-In-One Living Room

The solution? Furnishings that let us do more with much less. Apartments aren’t getting any bigger and, as a recent report from Ikea reveals, dwellings filled with space-hogging clutter are turning us into neurotic minimalists. The Hungarian design brand Hannabi—which has its roots…


7 Key Insights On The Future Of Home From Ikea

Now in its third year, the report helps Ikea develop new products, offering a tantalizing glimpse at designs that could shape the look and feel of our homes in the future. This month, Ikea released the annual Life at Home report. To create…


Ikea’s Wildly Experimental New PS Collection – First Look

In 2012, Ikea remixed designs from its storied past. In 2014, it invited a roster of design world favorites like Matali Crasset and Rich Brilliant Willing to create pieces with city-living renters in mind. Every few years, Ikea releases its limited-edition PS Collection—a…


IKEA’s New Ads Actually Are Straight Out Of An Ingmar Bergman Film

The new campaign was done by commercial production agency RBG6. RBG6 shot the Sinnerlig chair and pitcher in darkened rooms to emphasize their clean geometric lines and focused on how they cast shadows when basked in high-contrast beams of light. IKEA’s Swedish sensibility…


Tell You How A Tiny Staging Company Built A $100 Million Business

Since then, the company has grown into a thriving company that specializes in both design and development, all while still sticking to its roots in the staging business. A few years ago, you might have caught Ari Heckman and Jonathan Minkoff—cofounders of the…


8 Tips For Recognizing High Quality – Sustainable Furniture

Sustainable Furniture

To tell the truth, it’s often tempting to buy cheaper products to save a few dollars, however there’s no question that investing in high quality is a smarter choice, especially when it comes to furniture. “High-quality, sustainably-built furniture doesn’t break or wear out…


Kindel Furniture Company Finds Growth In Grand Rapids

Celebrating 115 years of hand-crafted excellence, high-end furniture company Kindel was celebrating the exact principles that founder Charles Kindel began with for the company in 1901 – “an enduring heritage of craftsmanship, scholarship, and authenticity.” Under the ownership of the Fisher family, who…